Top quality burgers with a Mediterranean touch, every bite full of rich flavors. Created using herbs, fresh local vegetables, premium meat and fish. Everything is embellished with a collection of special sauces freshly prepared in our kitchen.

“Our coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere. Why do they insist on Starbucks? Because they know they can count on genuine service, an inviting atmosphere and a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time.” Source Official Website 2014

“Purple Swirl allows you to satisfy your unlimited crave for frozen yogurt and more! Walk with us through this unique self-serve experience. You can have an unlimited flavor and topping combination. Wanting more simply means SWIRLING more!” Source Official Website 2014

Challenge Chambers is a ”Real-Life Escape Game” where players end up being locked in a small room under mysterious circumstances. The objective is to solve the mystery by finding hidden objects, answering riddles and solving puzzles by connecting the missing links. Players will have to use their intellect, intuition and their sixth sense to make a successful escape and thus win the challenge. Unfortunately players do not have all the time in the world to do that!

The feature which distinguishes the game is that the players are inside the game; they can touch the objects, see the real world which has been spun around them and feel the pressure. Each room has a set theme and a storyline which is steered by a Challenge Master. The games are offered in English as well as Arabic language.

Kojo Japanese Restaurant

Kojo is traditional Japanese cuisine served in a simple modern setting. Walking through the front door is like taking a trip to Tokyo. Private booths as well as the private Tatami room gives you the privacy that you need.


The vision is to keep our lead in the market import and distribution of watches and jewelry, ​​following a continuous improvement.The collection fulfills its mission by identifying with the company’s values and client’s needs.


“Alosra Supermarket, a subsidiary of BMMI, has become renowned as one of the Kingdom’s most quality-driven premium retailers. With its expertly trained staff and premium quality offerings, Alosra has successfully carved out a leading market share of the Kingdom’s high-end grocery sector, with a loyal and discerning customer base.” Source: Official Website 2014

Kanoo Daily Rental

“Kanoo Daily Rental is a new pinnacle in car rental and luxury limousine sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain aiming to offer the highest quality standards of car rental and limousine services.” Source Official Website 2014

Round Table Pizza prides itself with offering the highest quality ingredients and differentiates itself with its hand-rolled dough made fresh every day at each restaurant, sauces prepared fresh daily and a specialty three-cheese blend. Truly the Last Honest Pizza

Charm Salon is about taking care of your body by means of a various therapies. Custom treatments, made especially for you, depending on your needs.

Providing a big variety of dresses and accessories with affordable prices and high  quality. Visit us and pick your desire!

Diamond fish restaurant serves fish and seafood. You pick your favorite raw seafood and enjoy the 5 stars live cooking, taste and restaurant design

More than just your average Italian Restaurant, we offer fresh oven baked pizza and Italian cuisine with a twist.

Karaja Gourmet Café for Levantine food products & herbal teas.

Chocolate, Pastries, and Restaurant serving mouthwatering delights!